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24 Hour Urinalysis

This is not the same test as is done medically to determine kidney function.  Rather, this collection of all urine expelled during a 24 hour period is tested for many factors.  By analyzing the 24 hour urine sample we are better able to understand what is going on with the blood.  The blood holds onto nutrients it needs and dumps the rest into the urine.  When a substance doesn't appear in the urine we know the blood is holding onto that substance.  When we see too much of a substance in the urine or when we see something that should not be there we know the blood has dumped that.  If the blood can't get what it needs then it just takes it from the cells sacrificing the needs of the cell.  This is the system of Homeostasis in the blood and it operates at all costs to the rest of the body.  When Homeostasis cannot be maintained and we see findings on our blood test in the abnormal range we are in serious trouble.

The 24 hour test allows us to evaluate where the blood and hence the body is being stressed because it either is not receiving enough of what it needs or is being overloaded.  In this respect we can predict what lies ahead for the body if changes are not made in what the individual is consuming and/or not digesting. 

pH is an indication of the balance between alkaline (carbohydrates) and acid (protein) forming foods being eaten and digested or not.

Specific Gravity compared to Volume is a good indicator of adequate kidney function, allergic reactions, adrenal gland function, dehydration, impaired circulation, sugaror portein in the urine.

Chlorine ions are dumped in ratio to the pH reserves of the body but when the diet or medication robs the body of potassium then compensation occurs whcih shows up in the urine.

Calcium is utilized in balance of the pH, adequate protein metabolism, proper hormonal balance as well as bone formation and is completely dependant on adequate digestion and function of the hormonal system.

Indican is an indicator of what foods are not being utilized and are rotting in the intestines causing allergic reactions, candidiasis, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bad breath and skin problems.

Sediment is the indication of the body's ability to digest, absorb, and assimilate when it ingests.

There is no mystery about why we become sick and diseased but when we see how the body is handling or not handling what we feed it we than know where to start to help fix it.  The results of the 24 hour urine indicate what changes need to be made in the diet and what help the body needs to digest and assimilate basic food.

All you have to do is pick up your collection kit from our office and follow the instructions.  The results will be faxed to us within 243 hours after the sample has been received at the lab.

You have only your good health at stake when you are uninformed.  Remember, forewarned is forearmed.