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It's About You

Whatever gets you upset or angry or sad or feeling helpless or your
feelings are hurt it's not because of the other person. It's about you
being triggered by the words or behavior or emotions of that other person.

All your behavior is a product of your past and so is theirs.

I work with this concept daily helping patients family and friends to
separate themselves from the bondage of their childhood and identify the trigger for their own behavior.

When someone spoke to me about road rage I couldn't help wonder what might have happened to her as a child that she was willing to chase after someone in her car possibly putting herself in harms way just to make a point.

What makes us think we have the right to spue our negative pollution out into the environment when we don't even know what the reason is that someone behaved the way they did.

What might be driving that person to this behavior that is now bothering me so much and why do I want to step into that energy anyway.

There can be physical relationships related to emotional states that are just as serious.

A patient had an experience lately with his right knee. He came in
limping and dragging his right foot. I examined the knee and it was hot, swollen and very sensitive to touch. We determined that this problem was related to an emotional component and specifically to the liver and the emotion resentment.

The Chinese have taught for over 5000 years that every organ is related to a group of emotions to muscles and also to the spine as well as the acupuncture system,

Back to the patient's knee. The treatment procedure revealed that he was stressing over a project given to him to work on by upper management.  Every time the guy came around to check on his progress he got up tight and irritated. We then went back into his life to locate the origin of this kind of emotion and reaction.

He remembered at eight years old an event that happened frequently, His father was a mechanic and he an aspiring physicist. His father would yell something like hand me the socket wrench but not knowing what that was he would hand him something and his father would yell at him and call him stupid. Now do you see the
connection? His boss was just the trigger and the source of his
resentment was pain from his childhood. Well now his boss is off the hook

I have a Chiropractic mentor, Dr. George Goodheart, founder of a great body of work known as Applied Kinesiology who says:

"When you practice from intent instead of by accident it sets you on
fire and people come from miles around to watch you burn."

Oprah Winfrey is a good example of this phenomenon, but so is Osama Bin Laden

Be on intention to clean up your speaking, your actions, your behavior so you are not a negative source for people to come from miles around to watch burn. When someone makes an error or is even obnoxious send them a healing thought. Bless you!! I wish for you a successful and fulfilling day. Or as I said the other day when someone honked at me - You're right I shouldn't have done that forgive me, and I wish you a better day starting now.

We can become programmed from the information media and plugged in daily to an overwhelming barrage of negativity and focus on moral issues that have nothing to do with what we are up to in life.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change'

It's a choice we make to focus on the negativity or to focus on the
beauty, the what _IS_ working. The *WHO *we do love. The *WHAT *makes us feel good

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.


Dr. Nancy McBride. Chiropractor