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Is it OK to Microwave my food?

You are being deceived. They are not safe. what they do to your body trying to digest what you've heated or cooked in them is appalling. This is one of the best kept secrets in consumer history.

Recently I shared with a new parent information published in the journal of Pediatrics from 1996 on micro-waving preparations for a baby put into a bottle and then put into the microwave for heating. The findings of the study indicate that 96% of the liposome activity that inhibits bacterial growth and 98% of immunoglobulin‑A (anti-bodies necessary for the passive immunity milk gives to the infant) are destroyed with micro waving breast milk even when just warming a little.

Researchers have discovered that the blood of those who consumed micro waved food showed pathological changes in the body's cells.

Here are some of the other findings:

(1) Microwave heating of milk or cooking of vegetables was associated with the decline in various hemoglobin levels. Such reductions may signify anemia, which can lead to rheumatism, fever, and thyroid insufficiency.

(2) Microwave cooking of vegetables was associated with the greatest drop in lymphocytes, and the highest rise in leukocyte counts, indicating that the subjects tested were responding to the food as if it were an infectious agent.

(3) Microwaved food may cause pathological changes in your body. There are many studies substantiating this information, much of it from European countries and much more on the internet.



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