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Stress, Stress and more Stress

Most of us relate to stress as trying to accomplish too much in too
short a period of time, dealing with difficult situations at work or at
home with family members or too much responsibility.

What about chemical stress. What about the person who leaves the house in the morning on just a cup of caffeinated coffee or a soda.

What if the soda is diet and contains caffeine and Aspartame, a deadly NEUROTOXIN which causes great distress in the brain. Now this body has to deal with unpredictable traffic running late and entering the demanding work or school world. This person's brain is under stress.

What if this person has a burger and fries or chips full of hydrogenated and trans fats (poisonous unusable forms of fat that cause great distress to cells and digestion in general and take up to 51 days to eliminate from the body) and another soda with sugar or Aspartame or coffee/tea with caffeine for lunch further distressing the brain and digestion?

Now we have compounded stress and this poor body is trying to function in the midst of ringing phones, demands from other workers, deadlines and the recent fight with a partner or child. It's only 1:00 p.m. and this body hasn't had enough nutrition today for even 20% of its requirements and is stealing like crazy from its reserves.

Running the brain is an expensive function in the body. It requires a
constant bathing of minerals and vitamins to run cycles of metabolism necessary for the nervous system to fire properly. Just because something is eaten doesn't guarantee it can be digested or can be used.

The consumption of Aspartame (Nutri-Sweet), Hydrogenated fat and oil, refined sugar, nitrates and nitrites and excess caffeine are just a few sources of toxic stress which overloads the digestion and nervous system taking the body's attention away from necessary functions while trying to eliminate these poisons.

Just as easily a multi vitamin manufactured by a pharmaceutical company can also stress the body because too much of one thing causes too little of something else - like a see-saw effect.

We do have easy specific methods to diagnose if the nutrients one is taking are good or detrimental. If detrimental the body will distort or react when they are consumed creating stress which can show up as a structural imbalance.

Look at your head and shoulder level in the mirror. Is your head tipped or rotated to one side rather than being in the center? Is one of your shoulders higher than the other or farther forward than the other? Does one or both of your hands rotate inward so that the back of your hand shows in the mirror? These are all examples of structural stress.

People are different and they need different diets, different nutrition
and different outlets for their stress. This is only part of our patient
management but it makes a huge difference in dealing with stress.


Dr. Nancy McBride, Chiropractor