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Cranial-Sacral Therapy

When the spine goes out of alignment or balance, the center of gravity for the body is compromised. This spinal misalignment then causes a misalignment of the skull bones and its membranes.

In order to stay balanced, the brain pressures the muscles of the spine to keep the body upright and properly centered. This skull misalignment will distort the cerebrospinal fluid flow, (fluid that surrounds the brain and nervous system) an essential ingredient for normal nerve function. In a cranial treament, the chiropractor gently contacts the head at specific points.

Either specific directional adjustments are given or rhythmic variations in finger pressure are used. The overall effect is thought to change skull, brain, blood vessel, fluid flow and/or nervous system function resulting in a normalization of, or removal of, the cause of symptoms.

Cranial chiropractic is a specialty that should be considered especially for learning difficulties, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), history of head or neck trauma, difficulty hearing, headaches, migraines, and poor health. There are no x-rays or special equipment used in the application of the cranial technique. Specific gentle hand holds to the cranial bones assisted by patient respiration are done as needed for the particular misalignment. The weight of the skull and the respiration efforts of the patient, guided by specific hand holds of the doctor, allow for the correction. The adjustment restores alignment to the skull bones and membranes, normalizing fluid motion to the nervous system and providing proper nerve function for the tissues of the body.