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Testimonials my age of 35, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Gradually over a two year period, I lost the use of my right side - writing was difficult and erratic, holding on to a cup or glass, brushing my teeth, putting on makeup, washing my hair, all had to be done with my left hand. I had to lift my leg into or out of a car.  Going up steps and inclines were impossible and putting on my jeans was quite an undertaking.  I was referred to Dr. McBride, and after interviewing me she said, "I can help you" - WOW, I was jazzed. 

I went through a two hour process that she called "body integration".  Two hours later I could do EVERYTHING that I coudn't do before -- lifting my arm, raising my leg up and down!  It was great.  When I got home to Arizona, my 3 year old daughter said it the best...."Look, Mommy's leg isn't broken".

Thank you for the gift, Dr. McBride.  You're the best.  LL

"As far back as I could remember, I would get an ear infection and/or throat infection at least twice a year and always went to my local doctor who would prescribe antibiotics.  I would feel "better" (antibiotics kill the good bacteria too) for a week or two and then, I would get it again and repeat the process.  At times, I would get sick within a week or two after finishing the antibiotics!!! 

        When my son was born, I really got into all natural ways of healing etc, etc and when he started getting sick we instinctively went to the doctor and saw that he was prescribing antibiotics too and the prescriptions were getting stronger and stronger (my son was around two years old!!!) and he started getting allergic reactions every time!!!  So we started looking for alternative ways of healing.  Luckily, we were informed about Nancy by one of the mothers to my son's schoolmates and I am not afraid to say that my immediate family and I have been going to Nancy for approximately four years and we have not gotten sick at all [period]!  I am eternally grateful to know her and for her services, knowledge, kindness, compassion and empathy.  This is what I call a doctor."

Andrey Altounian, J.D., Paralegal,

I have been having problems with my hips and Sacro-Iliac joint for over 20 years.  When my hips went out, my left leg was about an inch longer than my right, and the result was constant neck pain, as the problem worked its way up my spine.

I have needed monthly chiropractic adjustments on my hips for years.  During the last year, the situation grew worse, and adjustments were needed weekly…and finally three times per day.  I began doing my own adjustments by lying on two wooden wedges for ten minutes at a time, but after an hour or less, the hips went out again.  When I travelled, I had to lie on my shoes to put my hips back in place.

Dr. McBride tested me with Applied Kinesiology and discovered that there was an emotional component to why my hip muscles were constantly going weak on one side.  She used N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique) to reveal nagging emotional issues about a failing business I acquired 6 years ago.  Although I felt sure that I had already dealt with those issues, I had not.  We worked through all the related issues in one session, and the hips fixed themselves without even being adjusted.

They have styed in adjustment for over three weeks now.  After having to lie on wooden wedges three or more times prer day for months, I consider this nothing short of a miracle.


After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue five years ago I never though I would be able to handle a real job.  Through Dr. McBride's help and the NRT procedure I maintain energy throughout the day for my demanding job in the entertainment industry and still fell like having a social life when I get off work.   RWN
A healthy body feeds a healthy mind.  As an artist both must work in harmony.  Through NRT, Dr. McBride has helped me to understand what my body needed in order to rebalance itself.  JCS
I called Dr. McBride regarding my hyperventilation, seeking any answers as to why my body might be freezing up.  While my initial interest in seeking her counsel was physical, Dr. McBride immediately sought to uncover the psychological and emotional factors driving my anxiety and hyperventilation.  Through NET, we have uncovered several "truths" about myself that I carried based on irrational reaction to conflict, vulnerability and an intense need to be accepted.  With Dr. McBride's help, I was able to recognize that these emotions, fears and beliefs were particularly destructive due to their ability to undermine everything I was tryint to accomplish with my life.   BAS
  I had thought my annual flu and bronchitis was just something to live with.  After getting progressively worse every year, I sought out Dr. McBride who treated me with NRT.  After seveal months my immune system has become so much stronger, I have not had the agony of poor health as I once had and I haven't had a chest cold or bronchitis in over a year.  My body and soul seem more balanced and relaxed, and I feel better in every way.  LZ

For thirty years I've been involved with rough and tumble sports.  As a martial arts instructor, one can expect to get a little bruised and banged up along the way.

About three years ago I was in Bavaria for a training conference and retreat.  Long story short, my right arm bore the brunt of a painful training seminar and it has been  restricted from normal use ever since.

Here's the good news...after only two treatments with Dr. Nancy McBride, my arm functions and feeling is totally restored. 

Thanks, Nancy !  BT

In addition to healing the few yet important phuysical problems I have had over the years, you have, with subtle msatery, aided immensely in the healing of my soul itself.  CA
Since beginning the NRT work with Dr. McBride several months ago, my energy levels have stabilized, and I have more and better energy.  I am also expereiencing a big relief from hormonal flucuations.  I feel and look healthier, and no longer drag in the middle of the day.  I am also more aware of how nutirition choices affect my health; I've learned a lot!  I intend to continue on this path as it is keeping me healthy and happy.  KC
After feeling physically miserable with constant low energy, and mentally discouraged by the state of my health on a daily basis for almost four years, in less than 3 months I have felt like an entirely new person thanks to the NRT work I have done with Dr. McBride.  I would recommend her to anyone who has found that traditional Western Medicine and prescriptions have failed to diagnose or treat their physical ailments.  DK
Nancy, I have always enjoyed telling about the acumen of your work to everyone who is in pain.  I must admint that everyone I referred to you came back to thank me because they never knew that they can be pain free.  ...I want to thank you for your cheerful persona which permeates your office.  Thank you from the bottom of my feet to the top of my skull.  Every part of me knows to thank you in 22 years, 2 car accidents, gardening accident and other mishaps, you have put me together so successfully that at 50 years of age, I am still vatal and pain free. SE
While the work you and I had done together prior to starting NET was life-altering....physically I'm probably in the best shape I've been in for the last 20 years.  I've managed to lose probably 30 pounds since I've been able to work out at the gym for the past year - something I haven't been able to do for the past 13 years or so.  I just don't have those acute pains anymore, and strenuous activity doesn't seem to throw me out of whack like it did.  I even managed to cut 12 minutes off my 10K pace.  Not bad for someone medically retired in 1988 and told by Army doctors I'd most likely be in a wheel chair at this point with part of my spine removed.  TC


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